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HULFE with knuddi2000

HULFE with knuddi2000

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The various stations on the big canvas surface give the guests the utmost comfort while hanging out. There is the pink table with drink holders, also functioning as elegant partyhats. The corner Ostrich Pillow for anyone who needs to feel safe alone at some point. You also find the Kuscheldecke in the same section, this super cozy extra blanket made of the softest Nicki fabric is for napping in between worlds while still enjoying the company of everybody else. The lounge zone with its ergonomic foam-waves under sparkling, gold and black rose pattern brocade appealing to the tired eye, is perfect for relaxed conversations. Fluffy Flower Ashtreys with bondage play function and Trey Pillows for stabilised consumption are practical add-ons which can be placed wherever it makes sense. For carefree cleaning all items are fixed with velcro or press studs and are individually removable. The whole blanket is lined with knuddi2000s waterproof signature material so one can play around. Bubblewrap - the ultimative stress relief ! 

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