HULFE was born on a rainy day shortly before the year 2020.

HULFE is in the business of support. HULFE has a 100-day cycle. HULFE is never busy. HULFE carries heavy. HULFE is a softball. HULFE is a side effect. HULFE is expecting.

HULFE is a design-studio that focuses on accessories that deal with support and the extension as well as multiplication of bodies. Founded by the artists Daphne Ahlers and Lilli Thiessen HULFE places itself somewhere between sculpture, fashion and design to help create a cuter and more liveable future.

HULFE works in seasons but the seasons may vary. Just as the female martyr that HULFE get their name from, they refuse to succumb to external forces and try to keep an independent rhythm. 

HULFE produces pieces which function as collectibles, objects which aspire longevity, filled with love for humor and coded with detailed social observations.

HULFE is a hybrid of the german word Hilfe (help/support) and Hulpe  the dutch name for the bearded female martyr also known as Vilgefortis, Uncumber or Kümmernis. This female martyr tried to protect herself from the ball and chain of unwanted marriage with the help of a beard that she grew the night before her wedding. Even though her plan worked out and her future husband refused to marry her as a bearded lady, she found herself again punished for this refusal by her father who crucified her for her ugliness and therefor worthlessness.